Protocols Screenshot

Protocols and Policies

  • Bookmark protocols to "Favorites" for quick reference.
  • Quick acccess. Find and open any protocol in two clicks.
  • Intuitive organization using expandable categories.
  • Include additional agency specific documents. (See "Setting up an agency.")
  • Easily installs protocol changes and updates.
  • Search for protocols and policies by name. (coming soon)
Hosptials Screenshot

Hospitals and Receiving Facilities

  • View the name, address and specialty information of receiving facilites.
  • Filter facility list by specialty.
  • Sort destinations by distance or alphabetically by name.
  • Instant navigation and turn-by-turn driving directions from current location.
  • View destination and surrounding area on map.
  • Create and edit your own custom note for each destination. (coming soon)
  • Override default street address destination location with GPS coordinates of ambulance bay / emergency room entrance. (coming soon)
  • Add your own additional destinations. (coming soon)
Contacts Screenshot

Contact Numbers

  • Easily create new contacts.
  • Delete and modify existing contacts.
  • Protected call function prevents accidental "pocket dialing."
  • Share password protected agency specific phone numbers and contacts. (See "Setting up an agency.")
  • Import numbers from phone contact list into application. (coming soon)
  • Organize contact list based on individual needs using "drag and drop" technology. (coming soon)

Additional Screenshots

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			<a class=Protocols Pop-up Menu Screenshot Expanded Hospitals Listing Screenshot Preferences, Confirm Download Screenshot

Teaser / Walkthrough Videos

Teaser Video (47 sec):

Extended Walkthrough Video (3 minutes, 40 sec):

A longer video that showcases more of the functionality and has a developer narrative is available to view on YouTube. Please view that video here.

Preferences, Enter Agency Code Screenshot

Setting up Agency information

There is functionality built into EMS ASSIST that allows you to share contact numbers, destinations and pdf documents with coworkers by using a private "agency code."

After the agency information is provided the files and contacts are available available to anyone who knows the 4 digit code.

This allows coworkers to avoid the duplication of effort in manually adding common contact numbers and is currently the only way to add additional destinations.

You can set up your custom agency by emailing with the subject: "Agency Request" and including the following information.

Preferences, Enter Agency Code Screenshot

Required information

Agency Code: "XXXX" (4 digit code of your choice).

Hospitals / Destinations:

Hospital Name
123 Street Address
City, State, Zip
Specialty, List, Trauma, Etc.
(XXX) XXX-XXXX (ER Phone number optional)


Contact Name